Reduce running & maintenance costs in IR-installations

With the increasing energy prices of today it becomes more and more valuable to use the electrical power as effectively as possible.

IRQ Technology AB support companies within paper industry and paint workshops to increase the efficiency in existing IR-installations and thereby reduce their energy costs. The experience is that our customers often get 10-30% reduced electrical consumption after renovation/upgrading their older IR-installations.

Is it possible to reduce your bill for IR-electricity by more than 20% ?

By upgrading older IR-systems to modern technology and by optimum use of the technology you have invested in, this can often be achieved. We do an efficiency evaluation of your IR-installations and their key components resulting in a proposed action plan. We also calculate how the increased efficiency can contribute in your process or how short your payoff time for the upgrade will be taking the reduced electricity consumption in mind.

Improve your IR-efficiency with high quality components

We also offer quality components as further developed IR-lamps with longer life, gold coated reflectors and quartz glasses at very competitive prices. The normal maintenance cost can often be reduced by 20-50 % by use of components from IRQ Technology.

The electricity prices are today doubled...

With the rapidly increased electricity prices you will fast reach your pay off time for your IR-upgrade project and improve your profit. At the same time you will do a very friendly action for our environment and possibly reduce your cost for CO2- compensation.

Energy consumption reduced with 24%
IR-energy consumption reduced with 24%

IR-Dryer for coil coating renovated
IR-dryers for coil coating have also been renovated

Quartz glasses, gold coated reflectors and IR-lamps of top quality
Quartz glasses, gold coated reflectors and IR-lamps of top quality

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