We offer reduced electrical consumption and lower maintenance costs in your IR-installations

The company IRQ Technology AB was started and is owned by Leif Johansson, Vänersborg, who has worked with IR-technology since 1983. During 17 years of this time he has been responsible for the development and the application of this technology in market leading IR-companies. This activity has made deliveries of IR-systems with a total installed power of about 400 MW possible.

Valuable network

IRQ Technology AB has also a well developed, useful network of local and international contacts and cooperation partners.

With today’s increasing energy prices we want to help companies who are using IR-installations to make their production more effective and reduce their electrical consumption. For 2 MW used IR-power can 10% more efficiency correspond to a yearly saving of about 50 000 € in a paper mill.

We offer a qualified follow up of the status of your IR-installation and drying process and give you an action plan for higher efficiency.
We can in addition offer key components of high developed quality to most of the IR-installation types and a couple of developed special, supplementary equipments to increase the production and the product quality.

IR-Technology is our expertise area – Read what we offer

It is difficult also for big companies to have own experts within all areas. Therefore we offer our 25 year expertise in the IR-technology area. Examples of consultancy support we can give in this area are:

  • IR-installation status follow up inclusive measurement of the IR-components efficiency levels
  • Analyses of energy flow and possible efficiency improvements in heating and drying processes. Saving programs are elaborated and 10-30 % reduced consumption can often be achieved for old IR-Installations.
  • Preventive maintenance for IR-dryers. Education of your own staff.
  • Saving program for 20-50% reduced maintenance cost with IR-Qtech components.
  • Drying simulation, process optimisation and trouble shooting in paper and coating drying.
  • Investigation of the demand on the process ventilation and EX-proof classification in connection with solvent based paint drying.
  • Technical support for purchasing and dimensioning of the right IR-technology to new or very quality-demanding processes.

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Leif Johansson
Leif Johansson has worked with IR-technology for more than 25 years.

Reflectivity measurement
Reflectivity measurement

Inspection of a paper machine
Effective maintenance and modern key components gives improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption

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