Action plan to increase efficiency and reduce production and maintenance costs

Most companies have energy costs that increase dramatically and energy saving programs are ongoing. The efficiency in all areas has to be investigated and if possible improved to maintain to competitiveness in the market

We will help You to develop action plans fully adapted to increase the efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs in Your IR-installations.

It is important to maintain a very high run ability in production. Paper machines runs for example 6-7 weeks almost continuously, without longer stops. Unplanned shut downs and production disturbances have to be minimized.

We measure and inspect both the IR-Installations and the drying/heating processes

IRQ Technology’s unique IR product development and application competence make it easy for us to help you to look over both technical equipment and drying processes.
IRQ Technology’s customers benefit from the following:

  • Increased energy- and production efficiency
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Minimized maintenance work
  • Better production economy
  • Increased profit

Electrical IR-Installations give increased capacity and product quality in drying processes and are often used within the paper industry and for paint drying.

Let us be your consulting partner and save money!

Do you want to discuss your company’s requirements to drastically reduce maintenance costs, electrical consumption or other type of process- and quality issues where IRQ Technology can contribute? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Measurements in paper machine
We are checking both IR-equipment and process efficiency

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