Quality products and spare parts to lowest prices in the market?

Our work with leading IR-technology for 25 years have given us a wide network and good purchase agreements with suppliers of spare parts and new technology to IR-Systems.
We offer our customers key components of top quality to very competitive prices. The IR-lamps have for example been developed in close cooperation with an experienced lamp supplier to a quality that well exceeds standard IR-lamps. The result is a considerable longer life, low consumption and less demand for maintenance work.
We offer key components to the most IR-installation types
Examples of key components are:

  • IR-lamps
  • Quartz glasses
  • Gold reflector glasses
  • Counter reflector glasses

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For large renovation projects also including the upgrade work can this work be offered by our cooperation partner Teknik System i Vänersborg AB, www.tekniksystem.se

High quality specialist equipments help make Your production more efficient and facilitate the maintenance of the IR-installations. Some of those are delivered in cooperation with Solaronics AB, www.bekaert.com.

Examples Use
Radiometers for process control Energy saving / Quality optimization
Fire preventing system for IR Productivity / Lower cleaning demand
Fire detector, IR-adapted Productivity / Lower cleaning demand
IR Edge Dryers Productivity / Quality optimization
Cleaning equipment for IR-protection glasses Energy saving / Productivity & Easy Maintenance

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Quartz glasses, gold coated reflectors and IR-lamps of top quality
Quartz glasses, gold coated reflectors and IR-lamps of top quality

IR-Edge dryers solve problems
IR-Edge dryers solve problems

Fire prevention system specialy developed for IR-dryers.
Fire prevention system specially developed for IR-dryers

Cleaning improves Efficiency
Cleaning for improved efficiency and energy savings

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